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Time ago I was working for a company developing software for Casino Based websites and I was quite simply stunned by the amount of money these guys were making, they were unbelievably successful.

But you know what I learned from them? They don't have any idea of what was actually going on their tables! They had thousands of people playing their online casinos every day, and they simply didn't know what all these players were doing.
So I got to thinking - how could I take advantage of this? I quickly realised the following:

Nobody can see what you are doing on your side of the screen. No pit-boss, no eye-in-the sky, no watchful croupiers looking for systems or patterns. Just you and the computer.
In a real casino, you have about 20 seconds to make your bet. Online, you can take as long as you want to think about it and work out the best move.
Online you can bet very small amounts unlike a land based casino, which as you'll see later, is very important.

These key factors allow me to apply a simple but clever system without the casinos knowing. I've become a casino's worst nightmare, a player taking money every day with a technique they cannot detect or stop me from using!
If you're thinking that sounds too good to be true let me assure you it isn't... If you read further you'll learn exactly how to see all the proof you need before you start!

Setting up and proving the system

In order to test the system and prove to yourself that it works, you need to follow my quick and easy steps to set up. It won't cost you anything, you don't need to enter any personal information, and it will only take a couple of minutes to complete. Firstly, you need to download one of the casinos from the list below.

GBP Roulette 125x125William Hill CasinoReef Club Casino
888 CasinoWilliam Hill CasinoReefClub Casino

I've listed these particular casinos because these are the ones I use successfully every day, so I recommend you use the same ones (although that's up to you). Downloading and installing is very quick and easy and these particular casinos can be un-installed cleanly with one click if for any reason you decide not to use the technique.

Another reason to use these particular casinos is that they allow you to "Play For Fun" i.e. not play with real money. When you play the casino in "Play For Fun" mode you are playing the actual live casino system but with a dummy account and a dummy balance. This gives you the opportunity to test my technique without any risk on exactly the same system as you would use if you were playing for real.

You can take all the time you need to test the effectiveness of my system, then when you're comfortable with it you can take the plunge, create a real money account and play your way to £600 a day like I do.

If you're worried about losing or just don't like the idea of gambling, let me explain that my system will work every time it is applied correctly, so there's no actual gamble involved. You'll see from the instructions and examples on this webpage and from your own testing just what I mean.

1. Choose a casino above and download the casino set up file. You'll want all three casinos eventually, but for now you only need to pick one to test my system.

2. Run the casino set up file. Rest assured, this software is guaranteed 100% adware, malware and virus free and is completely safe to install. These casinos are some of the largest and most reputable brands in the world so there's nothing to worry about on that score.

3. When the install completes you have the choice to either 'Play for Fun' or 'Play for Real Money'. In order to test my system first, choose 'Play for Fun'.

GBP Roulette 125x125William Hill CasinoReef Club Casino
888 CasinoWilliam Hill CasinoReefClub Casino

The method explained

You can see from the screenshot below just how well the system works. It shows where I turned an initial starting balance of £150 into £3,200 in 15 days at 888 Casino. That's an average profit of £200 a day from just this one casino. It's the same at all three casinos, so when I play all three I can typically make up to £4,000 a week.

click to enlarge

Notice the red and the black betting areas that I've ringed in yellow in the image, these are used for placing bets on either "Red" or "Black" to win and they pay "Evens". That means if you bet £1 on red for example and the ball lands in a red trap, you get your original £1 back plus another £1, so basically you double your money on each win. These "Red" and "Black" bets are the only bets you need to make because "the trick" is in the bet placement strategy.

OK, first I should explain that all of the casinos know about this particular bet placement strategy, in fact they know about every kind of bet placement strategy, and although this strategy is completely legal, normally the casinos would never allow you to use it. So, in addition to teaching you the actual bet placement strategy, I'll also teach you three tricks that will enable you to apply the strategy every day without the casinos ever finding out.

First though, the bet placement strategy

It's a logical certainty that if you repeat the same red/black bet over and over, you have a 100% probability of eventually getting a win. You may lose 3, 4, or 5 times first, but eventually you will get a win... That's just logical! So, when you get that certain win, the trick is to make the payout bigger than any accumulated loss from your preceding bets. And this is how you do it...

The Labouchere System. The basic idea of the Labouchere betting strategy is to use a series of numbers in a line to decide how to bet following a win or a loss sequence. The Labouchere system requires you to come up with a line of numbers. This can be anything you want, like 1 2 3 4, 2 4 6 8 or whatever.

These numbers represent betting units. The sum of the two outside numbers is the amount for the next bet.
If you win you cross out the two outside numbers and proceed to used the shorter line.
If you lose, you added the amount just wagered to the end of the line and continue to use the longer line.

Have a look at these examples

You choose this Labouchere line 1-2-3-4-5
To work out the bet you sum the two outside numbers of the line: 1+5=6
So the first amount wagered is 6 units.

Spin 1 - Start with £6 on RED, the ball lands on RED so you win £6.
Yor Balance is +£6.

You win, so you cross out the two outside numbers X-2-3-4-X
To work out the next bet you sum the two outside numbers: 2+4=6
So the amount wagered is 6 units.

Spin 2 - You bet £6 on Black, the ball lands on RED so you lose £6.
Yor Balance is £0.

You lose, so you added the amount to the end of the line X-2-3-4-X-6
To work out the bet you sum the two outside numbers: 2+6=8
So the amount wagered is 8 units.

Spin 3 - You bet £8 on Black, the ball lands on RED so you lose £8.
Yor Balance is -£8.

You lose, so you added the amount to the end of the line X-2-3-4-X-6-8
To work out the bet you sum the two outside numbers: 8+2=10
So the amount wagered is 10 units.

Spin 4 - You bet £10 on Black, the ball lands on Black so you win £10.
Yor Balance is +£2.

You win, so you cross out the two outside numbers X-X-3-4-X-6-X
To work out the next bet you sum the two outside numbers: 3+6=9
So the amount wagered is 9 units.

Spin 5 - You bet £9 on Red, the ball lands on Black so you lose £9.
Yor Balance is -£7.

You lose, so you added the amount to the end of the line X-X-3-4-X-6-X-9
To work out the bet you sum the two outside numbers: 3+9=12
So the amount wagered is 12 units.

Spin 6 - You bet £12 on Red, the ball lands on Red so you win £12.
Yor Balance is +£5.

You win, so you cross out the two outside numbers X-X-X-4-X-6-X-X
To work out the next bet you sum the two outside numbers: 4+6=10
So the amount wagered is 10 units.

Spin 7 - You bet £10 on Black, the ball lands on Black so you win £10.
Yor Balance is +£15.

You win, so you cross out the two outside numbers: X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X

End of cycle... Lost £23, won £38, making a £15 profit!

It's a good idea to alternate the colour you're betting on after each cycle. I'm not exactly sure why, but it does seem to make keeping track of where you are in the cycle much more instinctive. So when you've won a cycle on reds, play your next cycle on blacks, then the cycle after that on red again and so on.

So that's it, pretty simple and pretty fool proof. If you're not convinced, and you're thinking it sounds way too good to be true, then remember you can test the technique in 'Practice Play' for as long as you like without risking a penny.

Using the technique is completely legal and the risks are almost nonexistent if you follow these five golden rules:

1. Begin with a small string of numbers such as "1-2-3-4"
2. Yor first bet is the sum of the first and last number.
3. If you win, cross of these numbers and start again.
4. If you lose, add the amount to the end of the line and start again.
5. You must have an adequate starting balance.

When you're ready to start using this system with real money, you must set up your real money account with a starting balance of at least £50. You can deposit more if you want, but never start with less than £50. I say this because if you start without enough money in your account there is a good chance that you won't be able to cover the required bets if you're unlucky and get a long betting cycle at the beginning.

Some people think that by starting with a smaller deposit, they're playing safe, but in actual fact, they're creating a completely unnecessary risk, so please heed my advice and deposit the correct amount. If you can invest more, that's great, but if you can't invest at least that £50, then I suggest you forget the whole thing and try something else!

Remember, you can test the technique for as long as you like in 'Play For Fun' without depositing a penny first, so you shouldn't be worried when the time comes to make your first deposit.

Important - Remaining Undetected

Ok, so I've explained the bet placement technique and covered deposits, now you just need to learn three simple tricks that will enable you to use the technique every day without the casinos ever knowing.

Before I begin, maybe I should explain what will happen if the casino does actually detect you using my technique. Firstly, the system is 100% legal so nothing drastic will happen. All the casino can do is close your account and ban you from opening another account at that particular casino. Secondly, because all you've done is manipulating a loophole in their system and you haven't broken any laws, they will pay you every penny you have in your account when they close it... They have to, it's the law!

But that doesn't matter because you wont get detected if you follow these three tips carefully:

TIP #1 - Mix it up by playing other games:

To stay undetected by the casino, you must play two or three of the other games every day. If you play only roulette, when you win every day you'll stand out. If you mix it up by playing some of your roulette winnings on other games your roulette winnings will go unnoticed. I prefer 'the Slots', but it's entirely up to you which games you play, so just have fun. It doesn't matter if you win or lose on these other games; the important thing is to rack up activity on them. Be aware though, it can be very easy to lose money quickly if you're not careful, so think about what you're doing! I have a rule to never lose more than 25% of the roulette winnings I made that day, no matter how much fun I'm having... AND I ALWAYS STICK TO IT!

TIP #2 - Play more than one casino:

Another important way to stay undetected by the casino is to not exceed £200 in roulette winnings from one casino in one day (winnings from other games doesn't count). So when you reach about £190-£200 in roulette winnings, switch to other games for a while then quit that casino and move on to the next casino. £200 from each of the three casinos every day is a lot, in fact it's £4200 a week, so don't get greedy, don't exceed £200, and make sure you use ALL the casinos...

I'll say that again; don't over exploit these casinos because you don't want to get banned! Remember, you can shear a sheep many times but you can skin him only once.

TIP #3 - Withdrawing your winnings:

You should withdraw your winning regularly, and never allow your balance to grow too conspicuously large. I recommend that when your balance reaches something like £5000 or £6000, make a withdrawal. Also, for convenience, it's always best to leave a few hundred behind for your next session.

Now go and test it

OK that's it!... Now you just need to test the technique in 'Play For Fun' to see how well it works... Remember 'Play For Fun' won't cost a penny and takes only two minutes to set up, so there's nothing stopping you from at least testing the technique.

GBP Roulette 125x125William Hill CasinoReef Club Casino
888 CasinoWilliam Hill CasinoReefClub Casino

Also you'll be able to get reload bonuses up to 250%. You shouldn't ever need to reload your account unless you withdraw ALL your winnings, but you are allowed to top up your account even when you have money in it already, so it can be well worth taking advantage of these offers when they come up.

This is it. Empower Yourself!